ARK Fjordur Ferox: Best Spawn Locations and Taming Guide

ark fjordur ferox taming

ARK Fjordur Ferox is a small creature which is hard to find due to its size. Moreover, taming Ferox is harder than other creatures as it will start to attack you and the process needs to be repeated multiple times. Hence, we created this guide to tell you the best places to find Ferox and how to tame it.

Ark Survival Saga’s latest DLC, ARK Fjordur, has four new species, as well as 140 square kilometers of new biomes, several prizes and riches, and a slew of new challenges. There is a tonne of new areas to explore with each new map, and each one has its own unique treasures and collectibles. The Ferox Cave was a popular destination for many gamers.

In ARK Fjordur, let’s uncover the Ferox Cave! We’ll show you where the Forex Cave is in ARK Fjordur in this tutorial!

Ferox Cave Spawn Location

The Ferox Cave may be found in the precise coordinates of LAT: 22, and LOG: 3 in the map’s top left corner. That’s where the large rock mountain stands in the snow. There is an opening to the snow mountain, located at the following coordinates: At 20.6, the latitude is 8.

ark fjordur ferox location

Ferox and Polar Bears will greet you as soon as you enter the cave. And there are wolves in the area that may try to attack you. There is a lagoon in the cave’s center where you may fish.

Best Way to Tame a Ferox

As soon as the Ferox notices a human on foot nearby, it will appraochthem. Sniffing at the survivor if the survivor has anything to offer it. The item that it is sniffing for is the Element. If you do not give it the Element then it will run away.

ark fjordur ferox taming

In the event that it gets an Element it will transform into its monstrous form and adopt a more hostile attitude and attack you. Till it switches back to its smaller size, it attacks the person who gave Element to it.

After a number of reptitions of this process you will successfuly tame a Ferox.

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