ARK Fjordur Broodmother: Terminal Location & Requirements

ark fjordur broodmother guide

ARK Fjordur Broodmother boss is one of the hardest ones to find and many players are curious as to where they might find the Broodmother. Here, we’ll look at the Broodmother terminal location in ARK Survival Evolved, the items, and the level required to activate the terminal in order to generate a portal to Broodmother.

Ark Fjordur Broodmother Location

Known as Cobweb Cave, the Broodmother Arena is a battlefield for Lysrix, the Broodmother. It’s hot in the Arena, so you’ll need proper Hyperthermia protection. It’s a little tricky to locate, but this post will show you just where to look.

Other than in the Fjordur DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved, players will not be able to find Broodmother. The boss’s terminal is the only way to get to her lair.

Broodmother Boss Terminal Location

This cave is situated at the coordinates 57.3 and 65.8. It is the only way to reach the Broodmother Arena. The cave will be hidden behind dozens of trees, so you’ll have to navigate a little bit.

Once activated within a 20-second radius, anything in the vicinity of the portal may be teleported.

ARK Fjordur Broodmother Item and Level Requirement

The requirements to generate a portal to Broodmother are:

  • Argentavis Talon x 10
  • Sarcosuchus Skin x 10
  • Sauropod Vertebra x 10
  • Titanoboa Venom x 10
  • Beyla Relic x 1
  • Artifact of the Clever x 1
  • Artifact of the Hunter x 1
  • Artifact of the Massive x 1
broodmother terminal requirements

In order to use the terminal, you’ll need Beyla’s Relic, which you can only get by defeating the mini-boss. If you don’t know where to find Beyla in Fjordur, click here.

Additionally, you’ll need Runestones to go to Beyla’s layer. Runestones may be earned by killing Alpha opponents. Since their names include Alpha linguistic substance, Alpha adversaries are simple to identify. You’ll need more than just Beyla’s Relic to open the terminal to Broodmother’s layer.


After you have completed the requirements you can head over to Broodmother’s terminal and activate it.

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