ARK Fjordur Cave Locations: Best Loot, Artifacts and Farming

ark fjordur cave locations

In ARK Fjordur Cave locations need to be memorized because you need to have amazing loot, blueprints, and artifacts for farming. Hence, I compiled a list of the best ARK Fjordur cave locations you can find!

The cave locations range from artifact caves to loot drop caves and blueprint farming ones. In these caves, you will be able to find some pretty amazing loot including red drops along with yellow drops.

However, to do all this make sure you have the new bat creature known as Desmodus and Rock Drakes tamed. If not we recommend you to check out the Desmodus taming guide and Rock Drakes Egg Location. This step is incredibly important so make sure not to miss it.

For these caves, you need to have some type of clothes like Desert cloth and any cloth for colder areas as they will be inside volcanic regions and ice regions.

Best Loot Drop and Artifact Cave

The first cave is located at 21.2 and 57.4 near a lake. The entrance of the cave is via a small tunnel. Fly in with your Desmodus and after you reach the main area, you’ll find your first drop, the Yellow one on your right. From there, you have to now move to the left of the entrance to the main area and fly lower. There you should find a red drop.

Now fly higher along the left of the wall and you should enter another open space inside the cave. You need to continue moving along the left side of the wall to find the red drop that spawns there. In the center of the same place, you will find an artifact.

After you loot that artifact head back to the way you came from and move to the left where you should find another passage. Keep moving straight and you’ll find Artifact of the Clever at the end of the cave. To the left of the artifact you’ll find another Yellow loot crate.

What you’ll get in this cave:

  • Yellow Drop x 2
  • Red Drop x 2
  • Artifacts x 2
ark fjprdur cave location best

Easy Loot Drop Cave (Treasure Cave)

At the coordinates 45.5 and 63.4, you’ll find the smallest cave with the most loot drops. In this cave, you simply need to follow the path, and at the entrance of the main area you will find that all the ledges are broken. You need to move to each ledge using Desmodus or Rock Drake to find loot drops. The right ledge has a Blue Drop. In the center, you’ll find a Yellow Drop. To the left, you’ll find another Yellow Drop.

What you’ll get in this cave:

  • Yellow Drop x 2
  • Blue Drop x 1
treasure cave

Resource Cave

For the resource cave you need to move coordinates 31.4 and 65.2. On top of the building, you’ll find an entrance that you can use to access the big halls. Ate the end of the halls you should find a broken wall on the right side which is the cave’s entrance. Here you’ll find pearls, crystal and other resources.

Artifact Cave

At the coordinates 9.1 and 24.6, there should be a large entrance that leads to a small passageway. Follow the passageway and as soon as you enter the cave fly down the right side where you should find a Red Drop. Now keep following the passageway and you’ll find Artifact of the Skylord.

What you’ll get in this cave:

  • Artifact of the Skylord
  • Red Drop x 1

Blueprint Farming Cave

For farming blueprints you need to go to the cave at coordinates 4.0 and 47.5. Go inside the cave and follow the path to the end. Now, at the end of the cave you can summon Beyla using Teleporter which requires 30 Runestones.

The recommended dinosaur for this cave is Gigantosaurus or Rex because it can easily take her down. After taking Beyla down you will get Beyla Relic and tons of Blueprints. This is the best place for blueprint farming.

What you’ll get in this cave:

  • Best Blueprints

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