ARK Fjordur: Best Places to Find Organic Polymer | Guide

ark fjordur organic polymer farming locations

In this ARK Fjordur Organic Polymer guide we will tell you the best spots from where you can get as much Organic Polymer as you want. A huge number of animals drop Organic Polymer in the new expansion. Players may utilize these to reduce the amount of standard Polymer which needs to be crafted.

Ghillie Suit and Frog Feet can only be crafted using Organic Polymer. Moreover, everything that can be made from Regular Polymers can also be made from Organic Polymers. Hence, knowing where to find Organic Polymer in Fjordur is a must.

Best Places to Find Organic Polymer in ARK Fjordur

4. Coordinates: Lat 54.9 – Lon 34.0

Difficulty: Easy 30

Average Organic Polymer: 30

This is the easiest place to obtain Organic Polymer with low-level threats. You need to kill Kairukus, which will then drop Organic Polymer. To harvest the Organic Polymer from their bodies you need to harvest their bodies with a chainsaw, sword, or wooden club. 

kariukus organic polymer ark fjordur

3. Coordinates: Lat 88.6 – Lon 68.8

Difficulty: Medium

Average Organic Polymer: 129

You specifically don’t need to be at the coordinates but in general Volcanic biome is where Mantis spawns. They are usually found at the edges of the biome most importantly the trench and beachside.

organic polymer volcanic biome mantis

2. Coordinates: Lat 4.4 – Lon 47.3

Difficulty: Easy

Average Organic Polymer: 260

This cave is less hostile, well at least if you do not spawn the mini-boss Beyla. You need to harvest the bee hives in this cave which will get you tons of Organic Polymer

If you are going for Broodmother then you will need to visit this cave to defeat the mini-boss and Beyla’s Relic. Also if you are looking to farm Blueprints then this place is definitely worth your visit. 

Beyla cave organic polymer

1. Coordinates: Lat 46.9 – Lon 14.0

Difficulty: Easy

Average Organic Polymer: 186

This is the best place to harvest Organic Polymer as you will find tons of dead corpses that you can harvest. It is pretty much the only swamp on the map and is also known as Stego and Trike corpse location. What you need to look for here are dead corpses. 

You don’t need to kill anything simply start to harvest the corpse and you’ll get a lot of Organic Polymer. Keep moving through the swamp and you’ll find tons of bodies to harvest.

ark fjordur organic polymer best location

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