ARK Fjordur: Top 10 Caves To Build Bases (Community Voted)

ark fjordur cave locations

In any ARK maps the best places to build your bases are caves. With the latest free DLC Fjordur, people are scouring to find new places where one can build bases that are easy to defend. Tons of factors go into deciding which cave is the best and we will list the best caves to build your base.

ARK Fjordur: Top 10 Cave Locations

10. Skarstind Village Mine

Skarstind Village has a cave mine on the coordinates (71.4, 04.5) that is the perfect place for starters to build their base. This cave mine has a single small entrance that can easily be blocked off with a single gate.

The Skarstind village cave mine isn’t the best option if you are looking for a lot of room to build because of the huge rocks inside it. But if you are just starting out it is the best place to build your base because not many players will come looking for you there. Also, you can find veggie patches, meat, and a lot of stuff in the nearby village. Hence, resources will not be an issue for quite a while there.

Skarstind Village Mine fjordur

9. Shimmering Halls (Anvil)

Shimmering Halls is one of the best options to build your base in Fjordur at the coordinates 12.2, 62.7. This cave isn’t hard to find as you will easily spot it by its large entrance with two fires on each side. In this cave, you will find a huge bridge with lava pouring down from everywhere.

The cave splits into two sections, each will give you tons of space to build your base. One is the dwarven anvil shrine which isn’t the best section like the other. The other sections boast tons of flat surfaces including small rooms in them. This means you don’t even have to build foundations and can get started right away.

You will find tons of metal and stone, sea creatures inside the pool, and a hard party harvestable by the crates around the anvil. As far as base defending goes, you only have to defend the bridge which should be pretty easy considering how narrow it is. Shimmering Halls is one of the favorite places to build bases in Fjordur.

Shimmering Halls fjordur cave location

8. Frozen Fortress

The Frozen Fortress located at the coordinates 07.8, 23.5 is a superb place to build your base on the Fjordur map. Even simply exploring the cave is hard raiding a base in it is insanely challenging with the freezing temperatures and high-level wild dinos. However, all of these challenges will also be faced by the person who builds here.

After securing the Frozen Fortress cave one has a vast amount of space to build their base. The best part about this cave is that it only has one entrance which is extremely small and only allows small creatures to squeeze through it. You can be assured that no one will be able to get in with a Magmasaur or Rex inside this base.

Frozen Fortress is also ranked among the caves that have the best loot crates in Fjordur. Hence, from time to time you can farm inside your own base and get tons of loot and blueprints as well.

Frozen Fortress cave fjordur

7. Nidisheim Labyrinth

Nidisheim Labyrinth is an underwater cave at the coordinates 71.5/01.5. This cave is highly recommended to build your base as no one suspects it as a place to build with it also being an artifact cave. Only the people looking to find artifacts will come here.

The only entrance to this cave is via the sea which then leads to a vertical pathway. You can easily place defenses on top of it making it one of the most secure places. This place also boasts tons of green gems, loot crates, and a much-needed artifact. Nidisheim Labyrinth is a great option to build your base in Fjordur because of its defendable area and loot.

Nidisheim Labyrinth cave fjordur map

6. Bjargfoss Cave 

Located at the coordinates 60.6, and 79.7 the Bjargfoss Cave hides behind a waterfall with many new players unsuspecting this of being a base. The Bjargfoss Cave is one of the most popular caves among ARK Survival players in Fjordur. 

This cave is also the easiest to set up your base in because it is super easy to reach. Both entrances aren’t too big and are easy to block off. Each entrance leads to large enough spaces where you may build your base. You will find plenty of metal, oil, water, and crystals in this cave.

Bjargfoss Cave base build location

5. Hidden Grotto

Players looking to hide in Fjordur can opt for the underwater cave Hidden Grotto at coordinates 39.9, 31.6. The narrow pathway leading to the entrance makes it hard for enemies to navigate to your base. Along the pathway, players may set up tons of defenses that will eat up most of the enemy’s health.

The cave itself doesn’t have water and is filled with Abberation creatures. Along with this, you will find tons of green gems, gas veins, and metal which are a much-needed resource for all. 

Hidden Grotto base build location fjordur

4. Snowglobe 

Snowglobe is a cave located at coordinates 20.6, 08.7 which is a highly recommended place for anyone looking for a place to build their base in Fjordur. Hiding away on a cliffside which is the only place where you Ferox spawns.

The entrance is a narrow long pathway where you can take a huge chunk of the enemy’s health by your defenses. The cave doesn’t offer much space for large tribes but for decent ones, this is a great place. You will find some pearls in the water here as well.

Snowglobe fjordur map

3. Dvergheimr

Dvergheimr is one of the biggest and most grand caves in all of Fjordur where you can build your base. There are two entrances to this cave at the coordinates 83.3, 21.2, and 86.2, 05.2. 

The first entrance has stairwells where you would need to set up your defenses which then lead to a grand hall referencing the Lords of the Rings. This area leads to a metal mine which stores so much mine that you won’t ever run out of it.

Going further inside this cave you will find Abberation spawns, plenty of blue gems, and hand harvestable plants. This open space with tons of light is the center of the cave and if you look around you will notice some light coming from the corner which isn’t accessible via the cave pathway. If you manage to get to it you will find that it is a hidden cave inside Dvergheimr.

This secret cave is an Abberation room which is a great spot for Karkinos with tons of crystal, metal nodes, gas veins, and a surprisingly indoor snow weather system.

Further down the corridor, you will find the dragon terminal. This corridor leads to the second entrance to the cave which is massive and harder to block.

Dvergheimr ark dlc

2. Forburg (Helm’s Deep)

The second most community-voted cave to build your base in is Forburg which is located on the coordinates 31.8 and 65.9. Forburg is a stronghold and an iconic place that all players in Fjordur have visited. The layout of this stronghold allows you to make complex bases on the outside. 

The Forburg also hides a cave inside its hallways which lead to a sizeable cave. This cave is easy to defend with its narrow entrance and offers tons of flat space for you to build your main base. There is tons of room for breeders with handy water, crystal, and tons of pearls. 

Forburg Helms Deep

1. Caverns of Time (Lunar Cave)

Lunar Cave is the most popular and top most voted cave to build your base in Fjordur. You can find the Lunar Cave at the coordinates 86.2, and 98.1. This is hands down the best place to build your base whether you are playing in PvE or PvP servers.

The difficulty to find and the narrow sea entrance makes it hard for players to navigate. The moon pull door removes your gravity and you will feel its effects as soon as you enter its pathway. Players need to float through this narrow and long path which will lead to the Lunar Cave.

The Lunar Cave has a vast amount of space for large tribes to settle in. The main area has tons of metal nodes, crystals, and light pets waiting to be tamed. Lastly, the main area is connected to three other rooms that seemingly work independently.

Caverns of Time Lunar Cave

This was the community-voted list of the best caves to build bases in Fjordur PvE and PvP servers. The reigning champion by a huge number of votes is the Lunar Cave with a fascinating amount of resources, creatures, space, and environment. Comment down below the best place you found to build your base.

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