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Brotato seems like a simple shoot-and-run game but it is much harder to actually play. Only 46.8% of the players were able to get past the first boss level. If you are one of the struggling players then this guide is for you!

In this guide, I will tell you how you can win your first game in Brotato with all the tips and tricks so you can, later on, make your strategy for Brotato.

Best Tips to Get Good and Win More in Brotato

  • Try out a character with a ranged attack like the ranger. Steam’s achievements showed that the highest number of wins in Brotato were with Ranger. If you want to read about the best weapons abilities and complete build then read this: Complete Ranger Guide For Brotato.
  • Acquire a large number of defenses so that you can handle more damage as compared to firepower. (HP, Protection, and Healing)
  • When you are buying items, avoid purchasing insignificant or common items unless they are really affordable; instead, stick to your original strategy. Rare weapons provide the most value and the greatest potential for power increases.
  • Luck is incredibly important as it can do wonders. Your run will be significantly more powerful if you get luck upgrades on turns 1-5. I continue to take whatever luck I come across up until roughly level 10, at which point I switch my concentration to weaponry and defense.
  • Lifesteal works well with particularly quick weapons like the flamethrower, flame rifle, and submachine pistol. This also works with weapons having an area of effect (AOE), however, these weapons often only affect 1-2 foes which isn’t really useful in lifesteal.
  • The amount of health points you have determines how well your regeneration works. Your maximum health determines how much your regeneration increases or decreases. For example, if you have 10% regen in one minute then if you have 100 HP Bar you will gain 10 HP in a minute but if you have 1000 HP you will gain 100 HP in a minute. 
  • After a countdown of ninety seconds, the monster boss is immediately defeated. This indicates that you have the option to either avoid him or engage him in combat. Either way, it’s your choice.
  • Early damage dealt is vital since it ensures you receive all of the available treasure by eliminating all of the foes. Even if the weapons you choose are not the best, the quickest method to enhance your damage output early on is to equip all six of your available weapon slots.
  • Haunted Arms and Ammunition! Obtaining an early Ghost Axe or Ghost Sceptre may be a big benefit; but, you must be cautious not to sacrifice so much damage per second (DPS) that you are unable to kill anything; otherwise, the Ghost weapons will not be able to assist you nearly as much as they otherwise might. Most of the time, I begin with a Ghost Axe and work my way up to a Ghost Sceptre early on before upgrading to stronger weapons later.
brotato ranger build 1

Some poor stats you shouldn’t normally enhance:

  • Increasing the Range stat has the effect of slowing down the attack speed of melee weapons. Also, it is overkill as ranged weapons already have plenty of range.
  • In most cases, harvesting is not worth the effort. If you take it on turns 1 through 3, it will most definitely pay for itself. However, beyond that point, more DPS will earn you more credits, and more luck will help you improve your business.
  • The field of engineering is not even worth a passing interest. Either go all in or keep your attention on your primary build and your ability to survive.
  • The elemental kind is quite powerful if you put in 100% effort, but you must be focused at all times. It is a good idea to switch to an elemental build if you discover an early flamethrower on any character, provided that it is found early enough.

Best Weapons in Brotato

Although it is dependent on the character, the greatest weapons are often the following:

  • The best weapons depend on character but in general, they are:
  • Flamethrower (needs elemental damage)
  • Rocket Launcher (even with no +ranged damage)
  • Shredder (basically a rocket launcher)
  • Ghost Weapons (permanent stat boosts)

Because most other types of ranged weapons only hit a single target, you risk being overwhelmed if you don’t have a lot of damage or attack speed. All melee weapons have an area of effect, which is a nice feature, but they have a small range.

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