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7 iTunes Shortcuts Mac Owners Should Know

It is no secret that every person is too busy in his/her life and wants short paths to reach the destination. You can save time and make certain tasks much easier using shortcuts. You are not necessarily required to click the mouse all the time. 

This is the ultimate way to become more efficient in performing specific tasks and ensuring enhanced productivity. iTunes users can get the most out of the app using essential iTunes shortcuts Mac has, as listed below.

Playback Shortcuts

No need to reach for the touchpad to control playbacks. Just press Cmd and Period (.) to stop all current playback. To increase or decrease the volume, press the Cmd + Up and Cmd + Down keys, respectively. 

If you want to play the previous and next song, press the Cmd + Left and Cmd + Right keys, respectively. Press the Return key to play the current song from the start. Use the Spacebar key to pause a song and resume playing.

Next Song in Queue

If you want to know which song has been queued to play next, press Cmd + Option + U. It will appear in the Next panel. To come back to the place in the library where a song is currently playing, hit Cmd and L keys. 

It shows the song that is playing no matter how large your music library is. Hit the left and right arrow keys to skip to the next track. The option-right arrow will move to the first track of the next album. Option-left arrow moves you to the previous track.

General Purpose Shortcuts

Creating a new playlist on iTunes is possible by simply pressing Cmd + N. Next, press Cmd + L to access the currently playing item. However, to get more information on an item currently playing, press the Cmd + I keys altogether. 

Add any file to the library by pressing the Cmd + O keys. Similarly, you can use other keyboard shortcuts to optimize your system performance, such as Shift + Cmd + Del, to clear Spotify cache. Apart from that, you may use shortcuts to delete redundant music files. 

Other Playlist Shortcuts

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Do you have some selected songs for a playlist and want to create a playlist beginning with those songs? Press Cmd + Shift +N. To create a smart playlist that selects songs based on your certain criteria, press Cmd + Option + N. 

Simply hit the Delete key to remove a playlist appearing in the sidebar. To delete a playlist and delete its songs from the library, press the Option and Delete keys. To delete a playlist without confirmation, hit Cmd + Delete.

iTunes Navigation Shortcuts

The iTunes app is not just about listening to music. It offers a lot of options for more entertainment. To easily switch between various sections, use keyboard shortcuts. Cmd + 1 for music, Cmd + 2 for movies, Cmd + 3 for TV shows, and Cmd + 4 for Podcast. 

To jump to the iTunes U section, hit Cmd + 5. By pressing Cmd + 6, you can navigate to Audiobooks. For accessing Apps, use Cmd + 7. To access Tones, press Cmd + 8 and Cmd + 9 for internet audio.

Show Status Bar & Sidebar

To show and hide the column browser of your iTunes app on Mac, press the Cmd and B keys. The status bar at the bottom of iTunes shows the total number of items, song collection size, and total runtime. 

To show and hide the status bar, simply press Cmd + / keys. To show and hide the sidebar that appears along the left corner of iTunes, press Cmd + Option + S. If you want to quit the iTunes app on your Mac, press the Cmd + Q keys.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

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Using custom keyboard shortcuts, you can assign iTunes hotkeys to any key you want. For example, you can make home row keys on the keyboard. It helps you in staying on top of your workflow, and you manage to accomplish your goals faster.  

Also, you can enjoy the functionality of function keys back for all apps. In addition, change iTunes volume and tracks, and control the app functions by assigning custom keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, you can create custom shortcuts for gaming

The Conclusion

iTunes is one of the most popular and widely used apps for listening to podcasts, enjoying music, and managing. Learning these essential iTunes shortcuts Mac has can help you in improving your work productivity. If you find these shortcuts hard to memorize, don’t worry. You will become acquainted once you start practicing them on a daily basis.  

All of these shortcuts are more efficient and simpler. Even though most of them are pertaining to Mac, you can use many of them on Windows by replacing Cmd with the Ctrl key. Using shortcuts makes you more productive and efficient as you do not have to ponder between the mouse and the keyboard for doing even the most simple tasks. 

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