cult of the lamb crown fleece upgrade guide

Cult of the Lamb Runes: Best Upgrades & How to Get Crown and Fleeces

In Cult of the Lamb Runes play an important role that acts as extra skills which you can unlock. You can get all the upgrades but what to focus on first and which one will pay you more as compared to others is a bit tricky to figure out.

However, you don’t need to figure out all of this yourself as I am here to help you. In this guide, I will tell you what are the best upgrades you need to get in the Crown and Fleeces categories.

Also if you are wondering what name you should give to your cult, read the following the list for all types of names: Best names for your Cult in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Get Crown Offerings Rune Upgrades

Taking down the four Bishops in Cult of the Lamb allows you to get an upgrade to the Crown. You can get one Heart of the Heretic from each Bishop, and you may use it to purchase one of the following four perks.

Cult of the Lamb Runes: Best Crown Offering Upgrades Ranked

1. Omnipresence

When on a Crusade, you may interrupt your run at any time by holding the Escape button (Q on PC) and returning to the Cult. However, 15 percent of your stuff will be lost as a consequence.

cult of the lamb omnipresence

The Omnipresence Crown Upgrade is the first thing you should get since it lets you quit a run before the next chamber if you don’t believe you have a chance of surviving it. There is also the option to quit a run before it even begins if the random Weapon or Curse you were assigned isn’t to your liking.

2. Resurrection

If you die during a Crusade, you may get back up by sacrificing a Follower and continuing the run with one less Red Heart of health. It is the second-best upgrade you should get.

Cult of the Lamb Crown Rune Resurrection

3. Darkness Within

You get an extra diseased heart for every run, which is the perfect way to kick off any run.

cult of the lamb darkness within crown

4. The Hunger

You will get a Blue Heart only by eating once a day.

cult of the lamb crown the hunger

How to Get Fleece Rune Upgrades

Fleece upgrades are unlocked by completing the various nonplayable character sidequests you’ll find while you explore the game’s four main dungeons. 

Many NPC quests are waiting to be met in each dungeon, and some quests will provide you access to other parts of the universe. This includes Midas, Rybak, and others.

Cult of the Lamb Runes: Best Fleece Upgrades Ranked

1. Fleece of Fragile Fortitude Rune

There will be 1.5 times as many Blue Hearts as there were before. If your baseline health is 4 Red Hearts, you’ll possess 6 Blue Hearts at the beginning of all runs.

2. Golden Fleece

Each kill boosts damage, but any damage taken cancels off the benefit. And you will be inflicted with twice the damage, too.

3. Fleece of the Glass Cannon Rune

Curses cost only half as much Fervour as normal attacks and also cause double damage. However, your melee damage and health are half.

4. Fleece of the Diseased Heart Rune

Each time a Tarot Card is drawn, you’ll have a diseased heart. But, you can only have one Diseased Heart at a time, and if you die, you’ll lose everything you were carrying.

5. Fleece of the Fates Rune

You will be dealt four Tarot Cards at the beginning of each run. No additional Tarot cards may be drawn during the run.

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