Way of The Hunter: How to Get Ammo Free and Easy

way of the hunter ammo refill guide

Purchasing ammo in all hunting games, including Way of the Hunter, is costly. However, many games have other ways of getting ammo. Fortunately, Way of the Hunter does as well.

In this guide, I will show you how you can get ammo for free in Way of the Hunter game.

Way of the Hunter Ammo: How to Get For Free 

You can get ammo in Way of the Hunter by interacting with a Storage Safe. Go near the storage and open it. This will automatically fill up your ammo for free. These can be found all over the map. 

way of the hunter ammo safe

You can do a lot of other things in the while interacting with the safe other than filling your ammo for free:

  • Check Email
  • Access Shop
  • Manage Storage
  • Choose Weapons
  • Choose Accessories
  • Sleep
  • Manage Car

Easiest Way to Get Ammo in Way of the Hunter

The easiest way you can get ammo is by using the Fast Travel option to the Bear Den Ranch where you can interact with the Safe. This option is the easiest because you don’t have to manually move.

way of the hunter bear den ranch

Simply open the map find Bear Den Ranch and click on the Fast Travel icon. There you will find a Safe inside the house that you can interact with. By simply interacting with it you will get free ammo.

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