Dinkum Common Blue Tail: Where to Find & Catch | Easy Guide

dinkum blue tail

Common Blue Tail are bugs that are fast and small. This makes them hard to find along with the fact that they don’t appear at all times of the day and seasons. 

However, you don’t need to worry. I will tell you exactly where you can catch Common Blue Tail in Dinkum.

Dinkum Common Blue Tail Location 

In Dinkum, you can find Common Blue Tail in the pine forests and the tropics. They appear only in the morning and evening in Dinkum. At night they will disappear.

Also, they appear only in two seasons, autumn and winter.

As their name suggests, Blue tails are common, which means you will regularly encounter them.

dinkum common blue tail

How to Catch Common Blue Tail

You can catch Common Blue Tail using Bug Net you can buy from John. Go near the Blue Tail having a Bug Net equipped and press the action button (left-click for PC). This will catch the bug and place it in your inventory.

dinkum common blue tail location

After catching the Blue Tail, you can either choose to sell it, place it in Theodore’s museum or complete a mission if given by an NPC.

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