Dinkum Tarpon: Where to Find & How to Catch | Location Guide

dinkum tarpon

Tarpons are small and extremely hard to find fish because of their size and how the map in Dinkum is generated. However, you don’t need to worry. I will tell you exactly where you can catch Tarpon.

Dinkum Tarpon Location 

In Dinkum, you can find Tarpon in Billabong ponds. The fish can appear at any time of the day and season. The value of the fish is 3960 Dinks.

dinkum tarpon price

The only part difficult about finding Tarpons is their habitat. As the island has mixed biomes, some places should be Billabong ponds, but they aren’t. Hence, finding a Billabong pond is hard.

dinkum tarpon location

You can find all about each fish, their locations, appearance requirements and value in this guide: Dinkum Complete Fishing Guide.

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Where to Find Billabongs Pond

With the latest update, you can now see which area belongs to what region. All you need to do is open the map and place the marker on the location you want to find. A text on the bottom will display the name of the area.

A good place to look is for a closed or almost closed water area because they have the highest chances of being Billabong ponds. Also, remember that only one block-wide water area doesn’t count as fish need a larger area to live. Hence even if one block-wide area is marked as Billabongs it won’t have fish in them.

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