Dinkum Compost Bin: How to Use and Make Fertilizer | Easy Guide

dinkum compost bin guide

Taking inspiration from popular titles such as Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Dinkum is a fresh take on the indie RPG genre. It’s possible to construct a settlement on an island based on the Australian outback in James Bendon’s Dinkum game

We’ll go through how to make fertilizer in Dinkum and get a compost bin in this article.

Dinkum Compost Bin: How to Make

Prepare a Compost Bin as a starting point. Here’s everything you’ll need to get started:

  • Hard Wood Plank: 8x
  • Copper Bar: 3x
  • Tin Sheet: 1x
  • Nails: 15x

Note: You need to get a Level 2 Farming Licence to unlock the Compost Bin blueprint.

dinkum compost bin requirements

How to Make Fertilizer Using Compost Bin

Putting trash like Roo Poo, shells, and other items in a Compost Bin will allow you to create Fertilizer in this game. The following day, the contents of the compost bin will be ready for use as fertilizer. 

Due to the game’s strong farming simulator similarities, Fertilizer is a resource that will be used often in Dinkum. The use of fertilizers in this game aids in the rapid development of one’s plants. When your crops are ready to be harvested, the quicker they will grow.

Set up the Compost Bin in an easily accessible and visually pleasing location. Now, stock up on rooster droppings. 

dinkum compost bin

Carry the Roo Poo toward the Compost Bin. Left-clicking the mouse will drop it into the Compost Bin. There are at least four Roo Poo needed to make one bag of Fertilizer.

dinkum fertilizer

Compost Bin Requirements

It is not necessary to use Roo Poo exclusively in order to create fertilizer in this game. The following items may be placed in a compost bin:

  • Shells (25 Required to make Fertilizer)
  • Bones (8 Required to make Fertilizer)
  • Vombat Poo (2 Required to make Fertilizer)
  • Roo Poo (4 Required to make Fertilizer)

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