Dinkum Harlequin Butterfly: Where to Find | Easy Location Guide

dinkum harlequin butterfly location guide

You might have been tasked numerous times to find Harlequin Butterfly by Fletch and others. However, you might not be able to find it. But honestly, it isn’t hard to find if you know where to look for it and what to use.

We’ll go through where you can find Harlequin Butterfly in Dinkum and what you can use to make catching it easy.

Dinkum Harlequin Butterfly Location: Where to Find

You can find Harlequinn Butterfly all over the islands in Dinkum. However, due to Blue Moon Butterfly and Scarlet Jezebel Butterfly being more common, they reduce your chances of finding Harlequinn Butterfly.

The best time to find Harlequin Butterfly is early in the morning because at that time Scarlet Jezebel Butterfly doesn’t spawn. 

Harlequin Butterfly Seasons and Time of the Day

You can find Harlequin Butterfly in all four seasons in Dinkum. It can be spotted only in the morning and evening. At night Harlequinn stops spawning.

The value of Harlequin Butterfly is 2,121 Dinks. It isn’t much, but it helps increase our friendship with other people living on our island.

Tips to Find Harlequin Butterfly

You should use a Bug Book to spot the Harlequin Butterfly because it is similar to other bugs as well, like Monarch Butterfly and Bogong Moth. Also, it will help you spot the bug from far away.

Try to find it in open areas like the desert, and not pine forests. The reason for this is that the butterfly will be hard to spot behind those trees. Also, if you have a helicopter you could keep on flying and try to spot it from there. It is easy to spot butterflies from the sky.

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