Dinkum: Where to Find Spinifex Tuft & Spinifex Resin | Guide

dinkum spinifex tuft location guide

In Dinkum Spinifex Tuft is one of those incredibly hard-to-find ingredients just because the game doesn’t tell you where to find it. Moreover, it is even harder to find these because the item you get it from is hidden and can easily be missed.

But don’t worry as we have the easiest way to get both these items. Spinifex Tuft is used to craft a lot items and by burning it you can create Spinifex Resin. Hence, Spinifex Tuft is by far the most important ingredient to find.

Dinkum: Where to Find Spinifex Tuft

In Dinkum Spinifex Tuft, can be found by cutting the brown grass that has pointy leaves using a Scythe. Each brown grass you cut will give you a single Spinifex Tuft.

craft scythe

Best Place to Find Spinifex Tuft

In Dinkum the best place to find Spinifex Tuft is in the tropical regions because you will find them in groups over there. You should go hunting for Spinifex Tuft at night because you will see stars hover over them which easily highlight their position.

spinifex tuft tropical region

The tropical region in Dinkum is marked with green. You can view the picture below. The tropical regions is highlighted with red.

spinifex tuft torpic area

Another decent place to find Spinifex Tuft grass is in the beachy areas as you will easily be able to identify them, unlike forests. The beachy areas are marked with yellow on the map. (Highlighted with red in the image)

spinifex tuft location

This is because the Spinifex Tuft grass is similar to normal grass with a small difference in color, and it will be hard to find them in such areas. Along with the fact that their spawn rate is 20 times less than normal grass.

spinifex tuft dinkum

Dinkum: How to Get Spinifex Resin

To get Spinifex Resin in Dinkum you need to place a Spinifex Tuft on a campfire and after a while, the Tuft will be converted to Spinifex Resin.

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