Dinkum: Where To Get Bag of Cement | Easy Guide

bag of cement dinkum

In Dinkum Cement is a vital ingredient required to build stronger and fancier constructions like cement paths and walls. But you would be surprised that a lot of other important items also require a Bag of Cement. However, don’t worry as in this guide we will teach you how to get a Bag of Cement. 

Bag of Cement Uses

Some of the items that can be crafted using a Bag of Cement in Dinkum are:

  • Animal Den (2x Bag of Cement)
  • Silo (10x Bag of Cement)
  • Brick Bridge (4x Bag of Cement)
  • Cement Fence (4x Bag of Cement)
  • Brick Fence (1x Bag of Cement)
  • Cements Steps (2x Bag of Cement)
  • Stone Steps (1x Bag of Cement)
  • Cement Path (2x Bag of Cement)

Dinkum: Easy Steps to Get Bag of Cement 

In Dinkum, Bag of Cement needs to be crafted and can not be found anywhere else like other resources. Follow these steps to get it:

Step 1. Buy a Stone Grinder

You need to buy a Stone Grinder from John’s Shop. There are specific requirements for a Stone Grinder and it isn’t easy to find. To know how to buy it click on the following highlighted text: How to buy a Stone Grinder in Dinkum.

dinkum stone grinder price

Step 2. Get a Mining License

You need to have a mining license to mine stone which is the main ingredient used to make Bag of Cement.

Step 3. Place Stone in Stone Grinder

After mining the stone deposits, you will get stone that you can place inside the Stone Grinder. The Stone Grinder will convert stone into a Bag of Cement.

Bag of Cement stone grinder

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