Dinkum Fishing Guide: Catch All Types of Fish Easily

dinkum fishing guide

Catching fish in Dinkum can be a menace for many, especially those who want to go for valuable fish or catch all types of fish for their Museum. However, you can choose which fish to catch based on their value or name.

Don’t know how this is done? Don’t worry, I will guide you on how you can catch all types of fish in Dinkum easily.

But before I tell you about the fish names and value part let’s go over the fishing basics.

How to Fish in Dinkum

Step 1: Get Fishing Rod

You need to buy a fishing reel from John’s shop. After which you can head over to any water and start looking for fish. There are differences between where each fish spawns so if you are looking for a specific one you should see when and where it spawns. All this info is given below: 

Step 2: Throwing Hook

You need to throw your hook near the fish by facing its direction and estimating the power required to make your hook reach it. Overthrowing is good because you can later reel in your hook. However, if you underthrow then you will have to throw again.

dinkum fishing

Step 3: Start the Reeling Process

If the hook lands near the fish, it will get attracted to it immediately. Now there are two cases. The first is that the fish leaps towards the hook, but there is no splash. You don’t need to do anything here. If you see a huge splash, you should click the action button (in the case of PC Left-click).

Remember, you need to click only once to start the reeling process. 

dinkum fish reel

Step 4: Reel the Fish 

Now the fish will try to move away from you. You will see huge splashes because the fish is using force. Once the fish stops swimming you need to hold down the action button to reel it in.

Keep in mind that you have a limit that will slowly decrease over time if you are unable to reel in the fish it will swim away. The bar decreases immensely if you try to reel the fish when it is trying to swim away. So reel it in once it stops swimming,

dinkum blue spot flathead fish

This isn’t a boat that you can unlock but it is the boat of Shady Visitor Jimmy that visits your island rarely and will have extremely precious items that you can buy. Read more about him here: Shady Visitor Jimmy Guide.

Fishing Tips

General fishing tips:

  • You can use the helicopter for aerial view of fish in the morning using which you can spot notable fish and pearls as well.
  • Complete 45 total donations as soon as possible for Fish Book which helps a lot.
  • Use Jet Ski instead of row boat.
  • With more Fishing level you unlock better fishing rods, they are stronger and won’t let go of the fish easily.

Dinkum Fish Book

Fish Book can be found in Theodore’s Museum which you can buy for 118,000 Dinks. The Fish Book can tell you the number of fish around you, their name, and their value in Dinks, which makes it a very valuable item to have.

dinkum get fish book
The red marks are added by me to highlight the displayed info about fish.

Before you can buy the Fish Book, you need to have at least 45 donations in total (bugs, critters and fish) towards the museum, after which it will be available for you to buy.

dinkum fish book

To use the Fish Book go near water and equip it. Now, whenever you hold the action button, your player will open the book, which will reveal all the fish near your position. 

All Fish Spawn Location, Season, Time and Price List

NameHabitatTime of the DaySeasonJohn’s Price
Blue Spot FlatheadNorthern and Southern OceanMorning and AfternoonSummer, Fall, and Spring998 Dinks
Jungle PerchRivers and BillabongsAnyAny1,200 Dinks
Barcoo GrunterRivers and Billabongs and MangrovesAnyAny1,290 Dinks
Eel Tailed CatfishMangrovesAnyAny1,408 Dinks
Silver PerchRivers and BillabongsAnyFall and Winter1,708 Dinks
Black and White SnapperNorthern and Southern OceansAfternoonFall and Spring1,992 Dinks
Boofhead CatfishMangrovesNightSummer, Fall, and Spring2,103 Dinks
River BassRivers and MangrovesAnySummer and Spring2,784 Dinks
AnchovySouthern OceansMorning and Night
Fall and Winter
4,620 Dinks
BluefishNorthern and Southern OceansAnyAny1,560 Dinks
CarpRivers and MangrovesAnyAny1,996 Dinks
GarfishNorthern and Southern OceansAnyWinter and Spring2,346 Dinks
GraylingBillabongs and RiversAfternoonFall and Winter2,508 Dinks
BonytongueBillabongsAnyAny3,308 Dinks
Mangrove JackMangrovesAnyAny3,498 Dinks
Billabongs and Rivers
AnySpring3,908 Dinks
TarponBillabongsAnyAny3,960 Dinks
Banded MorwongNorthern and Southern OceansAnyWinter4,320 Dinks
TravallaNorthern OceansAnyFall and Spring7,800 Dinks
Goat FishSouthern OceansAnySummer and Spring3,200 Dinks
StingrayNorthern OceansNight
Summer and Fall
3,396 Dinks
Eyestripe SurgeonfishNorthern OceansAfternoonSummer and Spring3,996 Dinks
LuderickNorthern OceansAfternoonWinter4,160 Dinks
BarracudaNorthern OceansNightSummer, Fall, and Spring16,000 Dinks
Golden PerchRiversMorningSpring4,384 Dinks
Fall, Winter, and Spring
8,416 Dinks
Murray CodRiversMorning
Winter and Spring
Blob FishSouthern OceansNightFall and Winter100 Dinks
MarlinSouthern OceansAfternoonFall and Winter22,220 Dinks
Yellowfin TunaNorthern and Southern OceansMorning and NightFall and Spring24,600 Dinks
GalaxiasRiversAllWinter4.808 Dinks
SaratogaBillabongsNightSummer and Autumn7,616 Dinks
Short Finned EelBillabongsNightAll3,008 Dinks

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