How and Where to Catch Mangrove Jack in Dinkum | Easy Guide

dinkum mangrove jack guide

In Dinkum, everyone needs to fish and complete their collection. One of the fish that you will need to find is Mangrove Jack which is a tough one. It will give you a hard time finding and catching. However, you don’t need to worry as I will help you through all of this.

Dinkum Mangrove Jack Location

To find Mangrove Jack, you need to find where Mangrove trees are on your island. These are found near the dark brown blocks along the water. You can see this by opening the map.

dinkum mangrove jack location

There won’t be a lot of Mangrove trees, and for every player, the island is unique, which means there is no specific location, but you can find them in the upper half or to the north of the map.

Mangrove Stick Locations

Mangrove Jack Seasons and Time of the Day

In Dinkum, each animal, bug, fish, and sea creature appear in certain seasons, weather, and time of the day. However, a Mangrove Jack can be found in any season, weather, and time of the day.

dinkum mangrove jack

If you want a complete list of fish with all their info including location, seasons, appearance time, and the value, then read the Complete Fishing Guide.

How to Catch Mangrove Jack

Mangrove Jack found near Mangrove trees can be caught using any fishing rod, but as they are big in size it is recommended to use an Iron fishing rod.

dinkum mangrove jack fishing

It is hard to identify fish apart, so it is better if you have a Fish Book. A Fish Book will tell you the exact position of Mangrove Jack and other fish with their price.

If you don’t have a Fish Book, then you need to identify Mangrove Jack yourself. It is orange in color and is of standard fish size.

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