Dinkum Shady Visitor Jimmy Guide: Location, Uses & Items

dinkum shady visitor jimmy guide

You might have heard a lot about the Shady Visitor, especially if you read the hints during the loading screens in Dinkum. However, an astonishingly low rate of people has ever met this guy. And you must meet him at least once in the game because he sells an extremely valuable and magical item.

Who is the Shady Visitor in Dinkum

The Shady Visitor in Dinkum is a merchant called Jimmy. You will rarely meet him, and he will always visit your island in his boat. Anything he sells will cost you Permit points and not Dinks.

The chances of meeting the Shady Visitor are slimmer than Ted Sully, who is another person you can rarely meet. Ted Sully is also an extremely valuable person who gives unique hunting items. To know more about Ted Sally click here: Ted Sally Complete Guide.

Dinkum: Shady Visitor Jimmy Shop Inventory

Here is a list of the items you can buy from Shady Visitor Jimmy:

  • Boom Box: 6,000 Permit Points
  • Gold Paint: 1,000 Permit Points
  • Golden Bush Devil Statue: 720 Permit Points
  • Red Hang Glider: 1,600 Permit Points
  • Gold Pocket Watch: 20,000 Permit Points

The best part about visiting Shady Visitor is the Golden Pocket Watch and Red Hang Glider. The reason is mentioned in the heading below.

Remember: Jimmy only sells items in exchange for Permit Points.

Advantages of Meeting the Shady Visitor

There are only two items that are worthwhile among all the items you can buy from the Shady Visitor:

1. Gold Pocket Watch

The best thing you can buy from Jimmy is the Gold Pocket Watch which costs 20,000 Permit Points. It can make time go faster. All you have to do is select it and click the action button once. The time will start moving forward ten times faster!

To bring the time speed back to normal, simply press the action button again.

2. Red Hang Glider

A great item that you can buy from the Shady visitor is Red Hang Glider. You can use it to move from one place to another faster. 

To use the Red Hang Glider, you need to equip it and then jump. After jumping press, the action button, and your glider will open, and you will start gliding. You can use the movement keys to steer your glider.

3. Sell Items for 50% Extra Dinks

The Shady Visitor Jimmy will only buy items from you in bulk quantity which is fifty or more. The interesting part here is that he promises to give you double the amount of Dink for them. However, it is a lie.

I tested this with multiple items:

  • 50 Ear Hats: John offered 41,740 Dinks & Jimmy offered 62,625
  • 50 Scallop Shells: John offered 250 Dinks & Jimmy offered 375
  • 50 Bushlime: John offered 4500 Dinks & Jimmy offered 6750
  • 50 Palm Wood Plank: John offered 11,250 & Jimmy offered 16,875.

He actually gives you 50% more of John’s value instead of double the value. You can test it by dividing John’s offer by two and then adding it in John’s original price. What you will get is Jimmy’s price.

Also remember that he gives more for bulk items, but if you have items that are sold by weight like Thunder Egg he will pay you less than what John would offer.

Shady Visitor Jimmy’s Location

The Shady Visitor Jimmy only appears in his boat which means he will be in the ocean. Hence, it is recommended to use a Row Boat or a Jet Ski to get to him. If you are lucky, his boat might be near your island. Also keep an eye out for the question mark sign on your map which is his location.

How to Meet Shady Visitor Jimmy in Dinkum

There is no guarantee that you will meet the Shady Visitor at a specific location or day. However, here are the tips that you can use to increase your chances of not missing the Shady Visitor:

1. Check the Map in Rainy Weather

Whenever it is raining you need to open your map and zoom out to see the complete map. If you see a question mark sign on the map, it means the Shady Visitor is there. He will always be in his boat.

2. Check your Mail

Sometimes when a Shady Visitor comes to your island you will get a mail informing you that a Shady Visitor has appeared on your island.

General Tips

Always have extra 21,600 Permit Points in case the Shady Visitor appears so that you can buy the Gold Pocket Watch and Red Hang Glider from him. Also, make it a habit to open your map whenever a new day starts, especially when it is raining because if you miss the chance of meeting this person you might not see him for many years.

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