MultiVersus Battle Pass: Complete Missions Fast

multiversus battle pass

The Battle pass for MultiVersus is now available, and gamers are looking for strategies to earn XP to finish it quickly. There are tons of things to keep in mind when going for fast completion, and you will have to get out of your comfort zone as well because specific missions would be completed faster by characters you don’t like to play.

MultiVersus Battle Pass Guide

Here is the complete list of things you want to keep in mind if you want to unlock all rewards in the MultiVersus Battle pass:

Seasonal Milestones

Seasonal Milestones are the most important missions that you need to complete at any cost because they give a lot of XP for your MultiVerse battle pass. If you miss out on any of these, then it will be a huge loss.

Today’s Missions 

In MultiVersus you get six daily missions which can be seen under the Today’s Mission category. These missions require you to complete under 24 hours and each mission gives you a 100 xp.

multiversus game modes

How to Complete Difficult Missions

There are two best ways to complete missions depending on what they want you to do:

1. Play Co-Op vs AI

The most difficult missions become easy in Co-op vs AI mode because you play against half-decent bots, and with a player who can assist you in your missions. 

There are extremely challenging missions like getting 25 assists or most knockouts, but they all become super easy to complete in the Co-op vs Ai mode. 

2. Play FFA

If you want to do the missions that require you to deal 1000 damage, hit enemies with 1000 attacks, and dodge 100 attacks MultiVersus’ free for all mode is for you.

In Free for all mode, you can complete the missions that require you to do anything a huge number of times.

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