Dinkum: How To Craft Animal Trap Guide

dinkum animal traps

In Dinkum, you can trap animals by crafting an Animal Trap. Every new day after you wake up, you will find an animal trapped in it. Although this trap is handy it should be built later on in the game because of its cost-effectiveness. 

Animal traps are certainly not necessary especially early in the game as compared to other licenses like hunting and mining. However, there is less work involved in using an Animal Trap. Each day you can make around 6000 Dinks using it.

Did you know that you can use a Metal Detector in Dinkum?

Dinkum: Animal Trap Requirements

A Trapping license is required before you can begin building your animal trap in Dinkum. To get a trapping license, you must see Fletch at the camp’s main gate, speak with her, and submit an application.

The Trapping Licence may be purchased for 500 Dinks from the list of licenses.

Dinkum Animal Trap Crafting Guide

Step 1. Buy a Trapping License: You will get an Animal Collection Point and a Simple Animal Trap after buying the Trapping Licence in Dinkum.

Step 2. Gather Required Material: To build an Animal Trap in Dinkum you require the following material:

  1. Tin 1x
  2. Mangrove Stick 8x
  3. Old Spring 1x

Step3. Crafting and Placing: After gathering all ingredients for the Animal Trap, click on the “Craft” button and place it somewhere outside.

After you’ve finished making your animal trap, you may leave it outdoors overnight and see what happens. You never know what you’ll discover the following day. Simply go to your trap, and if it has captured an animal, you can take it to the Animal Collection you’ve previously set up.

Putting the captured animal in Animal Collection will transport it to Animal Research Centre. They will study the specimen and release it back into the wild unharmed. And because you captured the animal for them you will in turn get huge amounts of Dink. For a Jackaroo, I got 6400 Dinks.

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