Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: Explore The Forest of Valor With Merlin

disney dreamlight valley explore the forest of valor with merlin

The quest Crystal Mystery where you are tasked to Explore the Forest of Valor with Merlin is extremely vague with no directions. You certainly don’t need to wander aimlessly but you have to find a certain item to complete the quest.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can complete the Crystal Mystery Explore the Forest of Valor with Merlin quest.

Crystal Mystery: Explore the Forest of Valor With Merlin Overview

Once your relationship with any Disney figure reaches a certain threshold, that character will send you on a mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some of these missions need you to have certain biomes unlocked before you may access them. 

One such mission requires you to go on an adventure in the Forest of Valor to retrieve an item from Merlin. The location of the item and how you can get to it is mentioned below.

After you have found Donald Duck and unlocked the Forest of Valor you will get a “Crystal Mystery” quest from Merlin. In this quest, Merlin wants to have a serious conversation with you about a mysterious gem he discovered in the Valor forest.

How to Complete the Explore The Forest of Valor with Merlin quest

In order to complete Explore The Forest of Valor with Merlin quest, you have to find the “Mysterious Shard” crystal in the hidden forest. Follow the steps below to find the Mysterious Shard.

Step 1: Go to the Forest of Valor

You can teleport or simply run to the Forest of Valor.

Step 2: Head towards the Pillar of Courage

If you teleport to the Forest of Valor you need to head south of the map where you will find the Pillar of Courage. It is the same place where you found the portal to the Dark Grove.

Step 3: Find the Mysterious Shard

To the right side of the Pillar of Courage or the West if considering the map you will find the Mysterious Shard. The Mysterious Shard will be on the ground with black color along with a yellow magical light highlighting it.

Step 4: Give the Mysterious Shard to Merlin

Once you find the Mysterious Shard you need to give it to Merlin to complete Explore The Forest of Valor with Merlin quest. According to Merlin, this gem reacts strongly to Dreamlight Magic which leads him to believe that it was possibly once Dreamlight! 

The Mysterious Shard is a Night Shard that was somehow corrupted by darkness. You may be able to use Dreamlight to purify it. After completing this quest Merlin asks you to combine Night Shards with Dream Shards at your crafting Station.

I wonder what will happen if you purify Night Shards…

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