Disney Dreamlight Valley: Locations of Remy’s Recipe Books

disney dreamlight valley remy's recipe books location

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mickey has buried several recipe books over the Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need to scour Mickey’s memory for these recipe books. The “Remy Recipe’s Book” mission requires you to search the valley for three secret recipe books. 

In this guide, I will tell you the locations of all three of Remy’s Recipe Books.

Remy’s Recipe Book Quest Overview

It’s somewhat similar to the first mission you did, when you had to discover a recipe near Chez Remy in order to get Mickey Memories, and it ends with you getting another one. As in the Remy’s Recipe Book quest, you will be given an image depicting three separate areas and tasked with finding them in Dreamlight Valley.

You will have to find a hidden farming spot that will hold a book. You need to dig on the plantation site to get Remy’s books. Once you have recovered all of the books, return them to Remy.

Then go to Ratatouliee to fill in the blanks; a bag of peanuts may be found by interacting with the muffin cart. Take the peanuts over to Remy. Cook the peanut-based foods listed in your inventory. Once you’ve done that, contact Remy to wrap up the mission. The coordinates for the secret cookbook cache are shown here.

Where to Find the Disney Dreamlight Valley Remy Cookbook

There are a total of three recipe books you need to find to complete the Remy’s Recipe Book quest:

First Book’s Location

The first book may be found in the quiet grasslands next to the steps leading down to Dazzle Valley. The digging place is located on the left side of the steps leading from Dazzle Beach to Peaceful Meadow. The first recipe book is buried in a slightly raised and shiny area of dirt. In order to pinpoint its precise location, please refer to the image above.

Second Book’s Location

The second book is where Ursula asked you to go using the Crystal Key. This cave will be locked if you haven’t completed this mission. You’ll have to go through the cave’s first and second gates. Each gate has a puzzle that you will have to solve in order to access the next one. 

The second book may be found by digging in front of the cooking pot near the third gate puzzle in the Cursed Cave near Dazzle Beach. You won’t be able to locate the second book until you’ve finished the Crystal Key task that Ursula gave you.

Third Book’s Location

The third book can be found in front of Goofy’s Cart on Dazzle Beach. Take a look at the picture to find out where precisely it is.

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