The Last of Us Remake: Who’s A Good Boy? Trophy Guide

the last of us remake

Last of Us Remake is here with new trophies. One of the trophies you can get is Who’s A Good Boy? trophy. The name can be kind of misleading, but once you see what action gets you this trophy, you will understand why this trophy is named as such.

The Last of Us Remake: How to Get Who’s A Good Boy Trophy

When you are in the chapter: Tommy’s Dam – Hydroelectric Dam, Tommy is briefing you about all the infrastructure and showing you around. Eventually, you pass the dam and around the corner, you will see a Dog playing with a ball.

Petting the dog near the building where the dam is located will get you the Who’s A Good Boy Trophy. Once you pet him, Tommy will tell you the dog’s name is Buckley and also that he isn’t much of a guard dog.

After the scene has played Joel says to the dog, “That’s a good Boy.” Once the scene ends you will get the trophy. A befitting name to this action and quite a good one.

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