Disney Dreamlight Valley: Feed Raccoons Their Favorite Food

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you can go to the Dreamlight tab to complete extra missions that will get you a bunch of Dreamlight. Usually, these missions are easy but one of the missions called Feed the Raccoons Their Favorite Food is hard in the sense of figuring out what they like.

In this guide, I will tell you what is Raccoons’ favorite food in Disney Dreamlight Valley and where you can get it from.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: What is a Raccoon’s Favorite Food

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Raccoons’ favorite food is Blueberry. Giving any Raccoon a blueberry increases your friendship with them, and they even reward you for it!

Giving Raccoons blueberries increase their friendship with you immensely as they love it. Hence, if you want to make a lot of Raccoon friends in Disney Dreamlight Valley, blueberries are the easiest and best option.

Having enough friendship with a Raccoon enables you to utilize them as a companion, but you will have to feed them their favorite meal for a few days.

Where to Find Blueberries in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will find Blueberries in Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach. The best way to get to Blueberries is by teleporting to Forest of Valor and then going to the West side of the forest. Along the way you will encounter tons of Blueberry bushes that you can harvest.

How to Feed Raccoons Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will find each type of Racoon in the Forest of Valor, which requires 4,000 Dreamlight Points to unlock. You simply need to go to Forest of Valor and look for Raccoons running here and there.

After going near a Raccoon you will see an option to Approach. Selecting the Approach option will open your inventory using which you can give Raccoons Blueberries, their favoirte food.

You will earn 100 Dreamlight Points by completing the Feed The Raccoons Their Favorite Food mission using blueberries. 

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