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Farthest Frontier: How to Make a Blueberry Farm | Easy Guide

Farming in Farthest Frontier is an integral part of it. However, many have missed a critical detail, due to which they can only make farms with crops and not Blueberries.

In this guide, I will tell you how to make a Blueberry farm in Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier Blueberry Farm Guide

Step 1: Find a Blueberry Bush

You can find a Blueberry bush fairly easily as it isn’t a rare resource. There will be an icon with berries on the bush which will signify that this is a BLueberry bush. 

There are multiple types of berries in Farthest Frontier including Blueberry, Hawthorn, and more. So sometimes you will find another berry type with the same icon. You just need to look out more for it.

Step 2: Move the Blueberry Bush

To move a Blueberry bush simply select it, and you will see a House/Building icon with an arrow pointing to the left. Clicking this icon will let you place the Blueberry in any other location.

farthest frontier move blueberries

Step 3: Harvest Blueberry Farm

You can harvest Blueberries by placing them near your Forager’s Shack, or you can select the Harvest icon and only choose the Berries option to make your villagers collect the Blueberries.

farthest frontier harvest blueberry

It is best if you move the Blueberries to a single place at the start of the game to make the collection of this resource easier.

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