Farthest Frontier: How to Get Heavy Tools | Easy Guide

farthest frontier get heavy tools

In Farthest Frontier there are tons of items that you need and one of them is the heavy tools. These tools are required after you have somewhat established a proper village. However, due to no guides on this people are wondering where they can get it from.

However, you don’t need to worry as I will tell you exactly where you can find Heavy Tools in Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier: Heavy Tools Obtaining Guide

Step 1: Upgrade Town Center to Tier 2

To unlock the Trading Post building you must upgrade your Town Center to Tier 2. Upgrading Town Center to Tier 2 is fairly easy as the required items for it are the very basic ones you can get easily.

Step 2: Build a Storehouse and a Saw Pit

After upgrading the Town Center to Tier 2 you need to build a Storehouse and Saw Pit, which will unlock the Trading Post. 

Step 3: Build a Trading Post

You need to build a trading post in order to unlock the trading ability. Here are the item requirements to build a trading post:

  1. Manpower 80x
  2. Wood Planks 35x
  3. Stone 10x

Step 4: Wait For Certain Traders to Arrive

Once you have built a trading post traders from different lands will come to you offering a vareity of items. As all traders have unique items to sell from their lands you won’t be able to get Heavy Tools from all of them.

If a trader named Atka of the Iron Clan visits your trading post, then she will have Heavy Tools that you can buy. A single Heavy Tool will cost you about 7 Gold/Bucks, which is a lot!


Build a Trading Post which will attract traders from different lands. A trader named Atka will come and sell you Heavy Tools for a price.

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