Farthest Frontier: Stop Raiders Early Game Without Weapons

Farthest Frontier raiders stop early

Farthest Frontier is a new game where players can build their village from ground zero. However, as your village is new, it is a great opportunity for raiders to take advantage and loot your people. Unfortunately, at the start, you won’t have weapons in the start, so how to stop them?

In this guide, I will tell you how you can quickly stop the raiders from looting your village early game.

How to Stop Raiders Early Game Without Weapons in Farthest Frontier

You can easily stop and potentially kill raiders looting your village by garrisoning all your people in your Town Center by clicking the bell icon. 

How to Garrison Villagers in Farthest Frontier

You need to select your Town Center and click on the bell icon to garrison your villagers. This will make your people start attacking the raiders with arrows. It means that your villagers will be safe inside the Town Center and will attack enemies from a distance.

farthest frontier garrison villagers raiders

Important Tips and Things to Know

  • The more villagers are inside the town center, the more arrows will attack raiders.
  • You can select your Town Center and choose which raider to attack.
  • The more raiders you kill the more looted items you will get back.
  • Once the raiders are low on health they will start running away.
  • There are chances of your arrows missing.
  • The damage of each arrow varies from 13 to 21.

Once the raiders have run away you can click the Bell icon again after selecting the Town Center. This will make your villagers return to their duties.

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