How to Delete Pictures on Discord (Mobile & PC)

discord mobile pc delete images and pictures

You might have been using Discord for a while, but some things are never easy, like deleting messages and pictures. Don’t worry, as we will tell you how to delete pictures and messages on Discord no matter if you are on a PC or mobile.

How to Delete Pictures on Discord Mobile

To delete pictures on Discord mobile, press and hold at the empty space on the edge of the picture and not on the picture. You will get an option to “Delete Message” and select it to delete the picture.

That’s it! Your sent picture to other users will get deleted forever for everyone. No matter if you have sent it in someone’s DM or in a Discord channel the message will permanently be deleted. It also means that you will not be able to view the image in the chat. 

How to Delete Pictures on Discord PC

To delete pictures on Discord PC you need to place your mouse on the picture and then click on the three horizontal dots at the right upper corner of the message. Now select the “Delete Message” option.

If you are worried that the picture will get deleted forever, then don’t worry. The picture will be on your device if it is in your gallery or in other words stored in your device’s memory. If not, then remember to save the image.

How Old Messages Can you Delete on Discord?

You can delete all messages no matter how old they are. It means that since the launch of Discord (May 13, 2015) any message sent can be deleted for everyone permanently. If you are unable to delete messages you simply aren’t clicking on the correct area to delete your messages. If so, then reread the how to delete pictures on discord part again.

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