Omega Strikers: Complete Beginner’s Guide For New Players

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Omega Strikers is a six-player game where each trio competes against one another with the aim of scoring goals and knocking out their opponents. You need to push the puck-looking thing called the Core into the opponent’s goal.

Strikers (Characters) and Their Roles

In Omega Strikers the characters as you might have guessed are called Strikers. Each character has three unique abilities which you can use on the field. You can either use your abilities to score or knock out your opponents. If a player is knocked out it takes eight seconds for them to respawn. You have to assign your character one of the three roles:

  • Goalie
  • Flex (Any Role)
  • Forward

Based on the role you choose, you have to play accordingly. A goalie needs to stop goals, and a forward has to score goals. Some characters can do both, which can be assigned the Flex role like Era.

Striker Styles and Trainings 

Each Striker has a set of defined styles that determine the playstyle of that certain character. Here are all of the styles a character can have:

  • Sniper
  • Speedster
  • Controller
  • Brawler
  • Specialist
omega strikers training styles

Trainings in Omega Strikers are passive skills or abilities one can choose. The equipable Trainings allow you to fully customize your character based on your playstyle. Each Striker has three Training slots you can use. Two of the training slots must fit a Striker’s predefined styles, and the last training slot is Prismatic, which means you can equip any type of training in the last.

Note: The exceptions in Prismatic Training Styles are the Creations that one can not choose from.

omega strikers trainings

In short, you can choose two trainings that are suited for your character and the last one you can choose from any except Creations.

Training Loadouts

You can have up to two fully customized trainings loadout that you can quickly switch between before you enter a match. The training system is the exciting part which makes each match and Striker extra unique. You can have the same Strikers in opposite teams but with different roles and playstyle.

Role Selection

Once you select your role in Omega Strikers it will be displayed to your squad. It gives other players a chance to change their roles if they want to. A team should have a mix of roles otherwise you won’t be able to play.

If you want to read about recommended trainings for each character and a brief overview of the Strikers make sure to read this free resource that can help you be a better player: Omega Strikers’ Character Choosing & Trainings Guide.

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