Potion Permit Review: Now I want to be a Chemist

potion permit review

Potion Permit is an RPG game where you play as a chemist who goes to a different town and helps them grow. Originally we are supposed to go there and heal a single person but due to certain reasons, we have to stay. As the story unfolds a person like me who doesn’t love anything except shooting games starts to enjoy an RPG game.

Potion Permit Review: A start of a new journey

A True RPG Game

potion permit NPC

What is a fake RPG game and a true RPG game? A true RPG game is where obviously we play as a character and have to do certain acts that make us feel like we are actually doing a role. However, a lot of games miss the part that they don’t have to throw all this work at the player but also put in the effort to make NPCs act as role players as well.

Each NPC should have its own lives, stories, likes & dislikes, and more. Most of the games I played to this date have lacked this kind of detail. Potion permit actually feels like a true RPG game. Each character has a routine and will do various tasks depending on the time and the day (even the cat). 

potion permit rangers

Not only this you will see that young characters in the game wake up late as compared to adults who have work. Some characters are more likely to fish as compared to others. You will even see characters going to other shops and buying items. You won’t see NPCs aimlessly wandering here and there. Some will meditate on Sundays others will go to Church or fish.

Some will wake up and go to drink tea, some will play with rabbits and others with their teddy bears and so on!

The above two hundred words sound meaningless to an ordinary person, but to a game lover or a game maker, this tons of hard work and craftsmanship explained. 

Attention to Detail

Making all the characters different not just in a physical way but as a personality requires one to give attention to detail. But the way the whole game was made makes it seem like the developers weren’t forced to do this, but it was their instinct or just the way they do things.

For example, in a cut scene, the Mayor of the town invites us for tea. Lo and behold, we go to his house, and on the table, there is a tea set. During other cutscenes where we are talking about parts or blueprints, we actually see the item on a table. 

potion permit osman sleeping

I am so enthusiastically speaking about all these because most of these are one-time occurrences, and the developers could have not made these to save time and effort. But they didn’t.

Some characters who like to work out will have dumbells in their home, and some who love bugs will have them on display or scattered on the floor. Like this, there are tons of carefully placed items that really make this game stand out as a carefully crafted masterpiece. 

I am not saying it is perfect, but it is one of the best, and I do actually care about the level of effort put into this game.

Story & Content

Unlike other games, Potion Permit has a lengthy quest but most of all unique subquests. The amount of playtime you can get out of this game is easily over a couple of days. Other games make you play a repetitive quest, call it a grind and name it a subquest. However, Potion Permit has fortunately avoided that prospect.

potion permit mayor

Each quest you start is unique with new dialogues and insight into other characters. Some players may complain that bonding or increasing friendships with other players is a lengthy process, but that would decrease the immersiveness in my opinion. When you are trying to befriend a person it would be hard to do it in a day don’t you think? 

Fun & Unqiue Way to Add a New Mix to the Game

Potion Permit has tons of games that you have to play to progress in the game. The potion brewing game is by far the best one in the game that I enjoyed the most. It is challenging and gives one a tremendous amount of satisfaction when completed. The healing game where we press the correct keys at the correct time made me remember the time I played the car dance battle in GTA, ahh what fun days. 

potion permit brewing

The only game I have an issue with is the research table one. It is too simple and holds no value. There is no point of adding that game as you basically have to click all of the signs until you hear a special sound. Which is boring and huge turn off for a thing that should have been satisfying.

potion permit research table


The music is decent but its handling is blunt. Whenever you move to a new area in Potion Permit the music should change gradually but the difference and sudden change is annoying. This experience is worsended by the fact that everytime you start a fight the music will start suddenly and after its end the music keeps on playing for a while.

There should be at least symphony or similarity which would make the sudden change pleasing, if not, then it should start and end gradually. Music handling is one of the weakest areas of the game that I certainly hope they improve upon.

Bugs, Issues

As of September 26, 2022 the game has tons of bugs and issues, some are even game breaking which makes makes it hard to enjoy. There are reports of corrupt game files and more. I have faced bugs where I got stuck in places with no way out or the map glitch. Some of the bugs are expected but the game breaking ones shouldn’t be there when you launch the game.

Potion Permit: Review Conclusion

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Potion Permit is a magical experience with tons of content for everyone to enjoy. The unique craftsmanship and attention to detail further enhances this experience. So much so that a person like me who only loves shooting games is in love with Potion Permit. Honestly, in the start I wanted to review the game but thinking that I wasn’t into RPG games and my review would be negative due to my bias I shrugged of the idea. However, after playing this game for over 20 hours I can say that I have enjoyed every single moment of the game!

You can get the game from their official website: Potion Permit’s website!

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