Top 7 Games Like Factorio Everyone Likes To Play in 2021

games like factorio 2021

Factorio is a game about mining resources, building factories, automating production, and fighting alien creatures. If you’re looking for games like Factorio, but with different gameplay and style, then this post will be of great help! Factorio’s unique combination of strategy, base-building, and survival game elements results in rewarding and addicting gameplay that is difficult to put down. So here is a list of 7 games similar to Factorio that may interest you.

Top 7 Games Like Factorio

1. Satisfactory

Satisfactory is an open-world factory-building first-person game with a touch of exploration and combat. Charting the unknown frontier for FICSIT Incorporated means charting your own course in this undiscovered territory, battling against lifeforms that are not quite like anything you have seen before; creating multistory factories out into space where there’s no gravity or magnetic fields to hold back progress.

Explore the forest in quest of new resources, but keep an eye out for hazardous lifeforms that might harm you. Nature is yours, so go ahead and harvest what’s available! You have automobiles, jump pads, and jetpacks. However, most importantly, safety equipment in case of wildlife encounters on your trips. This game is nothing like you might have seen before. This is one of the best games like Factorio in the first person perspective.

Current Price: $10.99


While looking for a way to leave Earth’s crowded planet, people discover the great unknown of outer space in Astroneer! The game puts your skills as an explorer through various obstacles. You will have to dig into rocks and mountains with a deform tool while collecting valuable resources on distant planets. It has a lot of elements similar to Factorio but the reason it is so high on the games like Factorio list is that Astroneer does it so better than other games.

Resources like a gas can be used for fuel or water ice which is necessary because solar power sources won’t work there due to their distance from starlight. All this provides vital material back home when re-entering your Solar System after traveling across countless galaxies just outside it. Although there is no specific plot or goal to pursue in Astroneer, the game’s rich gameplay, exciting multiplayer, and breathtaking aesthetics are enough to make it worthwhile of your time and money.

Current Price: $10.49

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3. Dyson Sphere Program

Build an intergalactic factory in space simulation strategy game Dyson Sphere Program! Design production lines to harness the power of stars, collect resources, and develop your galactic empire. Building an intergalactic factory is not an easy task. Make sure you’re up for the challenge of building your factory in the Dyson Sphere Program, in which stars are harnessed and resources collected throughout the galaxy to produce products like fuel cells, solar panels, or batteries! Remember you must collect resources and build production lines for your empire, all while trying not to get eaten by aliens! This game is by far one of the most similar games to Factorio.

Current Price: $9.19

4. Hydroneer

You’re a gold miner in this tycoon-style game called Hydroneer, where you use primitive tools and hydro-powered machines to dig for precious metals. Use your newly acquired wealth from mining operations as well as building structures such that when all is said and done over time it’ll be possible to evolve your own personal cave network or even build up an entire mountain range! Even though some people might feel that games like Factorio do not include Hydroneer but in fact, it is the opposite.

Hydroneer is a mining sandbox game where you can build massive machines and an operation base, which in turn enable you to get more resources. You will experience the freedom of being in charge when your imagination goes wild with voxel-based terrain that creates endless possibilities for excavation across underground caves networks to deep pits carved out by hand!

Current Price: $5.49 

5. Going Medieval

In the game Going Medieval, you are a lord, constructing your own castle from the ground up and trying not only to survive in an age of tumultuous change but thrive. Building with stone or wood at different scales is possible, as well as depending on what type of settlement suits best for defense against raiders who may come from any direction around every corner without warning!

Going Medieval is one of those games like Factorio that has the best graphics. A new and exciting adventure awaits in this colony-building sim! Reclaim lands from the wilderness and rampage, construct a multi-story safe haven for you and your villagers. Keep both yourself and the villagers happy by ensuring that they get the best lives ever while doing hard work – because they are the heart of your economy.

Current Price: $8.49

6. is a game about building factories to automate the creation and processing of increasingly complex shapes across an infinitely expanding map, with each level increasing in difficulty as your task becomes more daunting! In, you have complete freedom over where on this vast landscape that factory should go – so choose wisely because only one can exist at any given time (unless they collide). Even though games like Factorio seem like a different genre from but many things like base-building, resource building and so much more are common between them.

This relaxing experience gives players control without sacrificing excitement or interaction; everything happens automatically but still leaves plenty up for them to customize how things work along the way if desired. All while researching new technologies for your company’s success! features simple controls that make it easy to play at any level — whether you’re feeling like taking on tough challenges or not, these controls will suffice.

Current Price: $2.99

7. Timberborn

Timberborn is a city-building game with clever creatures that evolved after humans were extinct. The game includes vertical construction, river control, and lethal droughts where a faction beaver tries to survive. Prepare your community for reoccurring droughts. Stock up on food and keep farms and woods alive even when rivers run dry. To maintain the land arable, rely on both natural and artificial water sources. Timberborn is a unique take on games like Factorio that provide uniqueness and quality as well.

Convert wood into complex machineries, such as water wheels and sawmills, as well as motors and shredders. Timberborn’s primary resource is wood, although the most sophisticated constructions require metal. Send your scavengers to the remains of the ancient world to discover it. Beavers of the future are evolved and have years of water engineering experience. To bring life back to the barren, build dams and floodgates, excavate canals using explosives, and reroute rivers. 

Current Price: $8.49

This is a list of 7 games similar to Factorio that you may enjoy. The best part about these games like Factorio, besides the fact that they are marvelous and fun, is their similarity in gameplay style and mechanics with Factorio. Which one do you think will be the most interesting game and similar to Factorio? Let us know in the comments below!

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