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What Does OP Mean in Gaming and are you OP?

You might have heard someone saying the word OP while you were playing. Now, often people are confused and ask what does OP mean in gaming. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today, we will reveal what the dictionary says about OP and what does OP mean in gaming. If you already know what OP means, then you are a real gamer.

The abbreviation “OP” is widely used on the internet, although its meaning varies depending on the context. Someone on Reddit and someone on Twitch could both say OP in a sentence, but the connotations would be entirely different.

In the online world where users can post the word is used to describe the person who makes the post to which others are now responding, or who makes the original post in the first place. So, when someone says OP in this context, they’re referring to the original poster or the original post itself. OP is widely used on sites, platforms, or forums that encourage user interaction, such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

The Real Question: What does OP mean in Gaming?

The acronym OP stands for “Overpowered” in the context of gaming. The person saying this is praising the subject as too powerful. Being referred to as OP in a game is a great achievement as it states that the particular person is extremely skilled at the game. However, the acronym OP is not only used for players but for in-game items as well. A gun could be OP because of its high damage, fast rate of fire, or no recoil.

The acronym OP can stand for two different words depending on its context and where it is used:

  • OP can stand for “Original poster” in forums and posts.
  • OP can stand for “Overpowered” in the gaming context.
OP Characters

The first recorded use of the word OP in gaming as overpowered was way back in 2012 and the game was World of Warcraft. So you can say the OPs (original posters) of the acronym OP (overpowered) were World of Warcraft players. With the number of gamers increasing day by day, more and more individuals come across gaming lingo and short forms. To avoid embarrassing yourself, it is best if you come prepared. OP is an acronym for “overpowered,” and is sometimes written as “O.P.” or “op.”

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By the definition of the dictionary, the word overpowered states that it can only be used as a verb, meaning “to overwhelm, vanquish, or overcome.” However, the use case of it in the context of video games is different. Instead, OP is a word used by gamers to characterize a certain character, class, skill, or other feature of a game as being overpowered. 

For example, in the game PUBG, the new gun MG3 Machine gun is OP, Shroud is OP, and now that you know what OP means, YOU ARE OP!


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