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Video Games Getting Boring? How to Make Them Fun Again

There are times when I got bored of my favorite hobby playing video games, but deep down, I knew that the only thing I enjoy is gaming. However, there was something missing and I forced myself to play games. During my pursuit of happiness, I found what was missing.

Are there any video games that you’ve purchased and then never played again after you’ve tried them for just one week? If this is the case, you are not alone. It’s possible for any player to get bored with video games, even if there seems to be no compelling reason for doing so. Due to my own experience with the boredom of video games, I decided to make it fun again, and here is my experience.

Why are Video Games Boring Now For You

There can be multiple reasons, and the listed ones are for every type of gamer:


The first one is self-explanatory, having to work 8-10 hours for most people consumes all their energy. When you sit on your gaming chair, then you think is it worth it to spend your time specified for rest on gaming? Probably not.

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Too competitive

Some games consume too much energy that you aren’t able to give as others do. A person who works 8-10 hours gets face to face with a 15-year-old kid who plays the game like it is their job, what do you expect to happen. Of course, you will lose, and losing is no fun.


Sometimes we expect more from a game that it isn’t able to deliver, but it’s the same genre, arty style, and visuals you want. Let’s say you like first-person shooter games with an almost realistic feel of warfare, and you switch on Call of Duty. If you are a person like me who likes all-out warfare with destruction, then, of course, I won’t be able to enjoy COD as much as I would enjoy Battlefield.

I’m not saying that Call of Duty isn’t fun or enjoyable but I have a different taste in FPS games and the same goes for you. The game might broadly be what you like but it might not be for you.

Note: I don’t dislike COD, I still love COD for its TDMs, especially of COD MW 2 (2009).

Game’s State

The game’s state also plays an important role. A new game will always show the core mechanics and the most fun thing about it, but it will most likely be filled with emptiness, repetitiveness, and sometimes bugs, which will make you think that you aren’t enjoying gaming. No, you aren’t enjoying the game because it is either unfinished or needs more content, so you are not enjoying that particular game.

No Gaming Buddies

Humans are social animals, and it is 10 times more fun to play with friends. With nobody to talk to a single-player game can be often times boring. With gaming buddies, you are constantly interacting and completing tasks or missions together or even fighting together.

How to Make Gaming More Fun

Video games are getting boring? You should try these solutions to make your gaming sessions more fun.

1. Have Gaming Buddies & Play Multiplayer Games

Having gaming buddies is so much fun. There are literally thousands of games in every genre that you can try with your friends. Whether you are looking to play with or against each other, there are so many multiplayer game options. 

This is the best advice that I can not emphasize enough. Join all your buddies on a Discord server, and then start your game together. People wonder what made Among Us so much fun. Well, it is because of your friends! Winning isn’t the most fun in most games, but it is how much you enjoy it.

2. Don’t Buy & Play Because of Game Trailers

Don’t buy and play games that you only saw the trailer of. Read some reviews and watch its gameplay because the time you spend playing a boring game is worse. It is better that you use some extra time to search for a good game that you will enjoy.

I watched the trailer of the game ABZU and thought it was beautiful, and that I would enjoy it. It was beautiful but the slow pace and progression turned me off. I should have looked at its gameplay before choosing the game. I’m not saying the game is bad, but it wasn’t for me.

3. Too competitive? Shift to a Relaxing Game

Competitive games drain so much energy that you will get mentally tired. Focusing on everything, micromanaging, and everything is all too hectic sometimes. I loved to play PUBG and rank up while maintaining my K/D ratio, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t enough.

I had to grind so much that I got tired and stopped playing the game. If you are a competitive player you should at least have one game that is easy to play and relaxing. I shifted to Mini Motorways and enjoyed it for quite some time, and then I started PUBG again. 

In competitive games, you need time to relax.

4. Choose a Game Wisely

Most of the time we watch a game’s social handle post many great videos and art at you that you get impressed. When you buy and play the game, it ends up being empty, repetitive, and unfinished which makes you bored. Choose a game you are willing to put time in wisely.

5. Try Live Streaming

When it comes to streaming, it’s a great way to engage with people from all over the world while you are gaming. Then why not use a platform like Twitch or YouTube to show off your skills as a gamer and show the world what you can do? Streaming may help you get exposure and perhaps a following. You may even be able to earn a little additional money as a result, which is always nice.

6. Take A Break

It’s not a joke (from a person who plays games daily for 4 to 5 hours). I have been where you are. There can be things that are bugging you or have you mentally drained. What you need to do is get your life straight, enjoy other things and take a break from gaming. The break period depends on you but only start to play video games again when you have your life sorted. Honestly, this helped me!

I hope all of this helped you sincerely because I have been where you are and it is not a great position to be in where you don’t know what to do or why to do it. If anything helped you, then it would be nice to post it in the comments for everyone to see and follow to help themselves. After all, we are a gaming COMMUNITY, aren’t we?

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