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Google Snake Game Hack: Unlock All & Custom Modes

In this article, I’ll show you how to download and utilize the Google Snake Mod Menu hack for free, so if you’ve been seeking it, welcome to the correct spot. You don’t need to do anything more than following the instructions to the letter.

Using the Google Snake Mod Menu is a great way for players to unlock all game modes, and custom modes to add fun new games without having to deal with any of the drawbacks that come with doing so. We’ll show you how to Google snake hack works and how you can do it.

We also covered how to hack Google Dino Game and its mods.

How to Hack Google Snake Game (PC)

The easiest way to hack Google Snake Game:

  1. Copy all the code from Github.
    google snake game hack code
  2. Open the Google Snake Game and Press F12
  3. Click on ‘Console’
  4. Paste the code there and press Enter.
    google snake game hack paste code
  5. Now copy and paste this line in console: window.snake.more_menu();

Now you have hacked Google Snake Game without downloading anything.

How to Hack Google Snake Game (Mobile & PC)

Follow these instructions to download and use the Google Snake Game hack:

  1. Download the Google Snake Menu Mod files.
    google snake game hack github
  2. Open the ‘Bookmark Manager’ by clicking on the three vertical dots shown in the upper right corner of the browser and then selecting ‘Bookmark’ from the drop-down menu.
    google snake game mod bookmark
  3. Import the Google Snake Mod by clicking on the three vertical dots and then on the ‘Import bookmarks’ option in the ‘Bookmark manager.’ 
    google snake game import hack
  4. Now Bookmark “MoreMenu.html” 
    google snake mod menu
  5. Open the Google Snake Game.
    google snake mod last step
  6. Now click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen, hover the mouse above ‘Bookmarks,” then on ‘Imported’, and then click on the ‘More Menu Stuff.’

That’s it! You have successfully downloaded and hacked Google Snake Game!

Google Snake Game Hack Features

Google Snake Game Hack lets you unlock all the features which are locked and it also adds tons of cool new modes. The mod allows you to play custom games made by the developers of the hack. The options are limitless with this mod!

Custom Stuff

With this hack, you’ll have access to every game mode, color, and backdrop option available in Google Snake.

Dark Mode

In keeping with the title, you may play in “Dark Mode” with this one installed. You just need to write “window.snake.dark();” on the command line to get the snake to become dark. If you’d like to import this as a bookmark from GitHub, click on the link below.

Toggle the Death Screen 

This option will allow you to switch off and on the “Death Screen,” or “Game Over” screen. Keep in mind, though, that this does not affect your game score or stats of any kind. 

Skull Poison

So this one’s a bit of a prank, right? The “Poison apples” will be all that’s left of your regular red apples. Snakes that eat Poison Apples will go berserk. You’ll have no idea where the snake is going until you’ve lost all control. Have fun and don’t take anything seriously. The GitHub link is here.

Snake Input Counter

When you type in “Google Snake Input Counter,” you’ll get precisely what you expect. 

Any Board Size

Any size of board may be found by a quick Google Snake search. If you want to adjust the width and height of your board.

Animated Colors

Colors of an Animated Snake from Google. This will allow you to create fantastic animated color schemes for both your snake and the backdrop.

FBX with a Snake in the Center

Using this one, you may center align the game’s FBX mode (also known as arcade mode).

Google Snake Time Keeper

Wish there was a way to monitor your top scores and game completion time? There is!

Google Snake But DVD Screensaver

An option to play around with the DVD screensaver mode.

Snake Colors That Are Unique To Each Individual Snake

Trying to get a Watermelon red or a lavender-washed effect? If that’s the case, this hack will allow you to customize the color of your snake in any way you choose.

Snake Pretty Timers on Google

If “beautiful timers” are at the top of your priority list during tense games, then this is the best way to go.

Burger Mode

Google Snake’s Burger Mode is now complete. This game was released in March 2021, and it’s a must-have for everyone looking for a unique experience. Purchase it right here.

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