How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop in 7 Easy Steps

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop

You presumably already know how to link Bluetooth headphones with your smartphone, but how to connect Bluetooth headphones to laptop? Fortunately, we can solve that problem for you. Another good news is that the process is remarkably similar, and you can use the same wireless headphones on your PC. Hence, if you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to laptop, then you can also connect them with your PC.

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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop

The process is quite straightforward, but for better understanding, we have also used screenshots of our own laptop. Here is How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones by pressing the Power Button.
  2. Put your headphones into “Pairing Mode.” If you don’t know about this, then scroll down to the end, where we explain how to.
  3. Using Windows 10 search bar, you have to search for “Bluetooth and other devices settings.”
  4. Now click on the add (+) icon near the”Add Bluetooth or other device.” 
  5. Select the first option called Bluetooth.
  6. Under the “Add a device,” you should see the name of your Bluetooth headphones. 
  7. Click on “Connect.”

That’s it, now you have successfully connected your Bluetooth headphones to your laptop.

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How to Put Bluetooth Headphones in Pairing Mode

Here is the general way to put Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode:

  1. Press and hold the power button for about 7-10 seconds.
  2. Release the power button when you hear the “Bluetooth paring” voice command or the light color changes of the headphones.
  3. Now your Bluetooth headphones should be in pairing Bluetooth mode!

Why Bluetooth Device Pairing Fails

Now that you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to laptop easily, but there are rare cases where something goes wrong. There are a few things that you usually don’t have to worry about. However, in exceptional cases, you have to find the error. Here are a few reasons why your Bluetooth pairing might be failing:

  1. Bluetooth requires both software and hardware to function correctly. As a result, if your devices can’t communicate in a common Bluetooth language, they won’t be able to pair.
  2. Bluetooth, in principle, is backward compatible: Bluetooth devices that implement the Bluetooth 5 standard should be able to connect with devices that use, for instance, the antique Bluetooth 2.1 standard, which got introduced in 2007. Any older than this, then they won’t be able to connect.
  3. Bluetooth headphones may be paired with many devices, including your smartphone and computer. However, bear in mind that depending on the type of your Bluetooth headphones, you may only be able to connect to one device at a time. If you have problems connecting the headphones to your phone after completing this setup, then you have to turn off your laptop’s Bluetooth. It is because your Bluetooth headphones usually can pair with up to one device.

Steps to Resolve Bluetooth Pairing Errors

  1. Make sure Bluetooth device is charged properly
  2. Turn on the pairing mode of Bluetooth headphones properly by following specific guidelines for it
  3. Make sure the distance between the Bluetooth devices isn’t large
  4. Try rebooting the Bluetooth headphones
  5. Download/Update Bluetooth drivers
  6. Clear the Bluetooth Cache

We hope that by now you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to laptop and troubleshoot any problems you face. Let us know in the comments if you face any errors, so that we may guide you according to your headphones model.

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