The 7 Most Addicting and Popular Games Like Krunker io in 2022

top 7 games like krunker io

Krunker ( and Krunker Free) is a superb shooting game in which you compete with internet opponents. At higher points, your weapon level becomes better. The game is an instant hit and so people want to see more games like Krunker io. Hence, for everyone trying to find games like Krunker io, we have made a list of the best games similar to Krunker and millions of players are playing right now!

The 7 Best Online Games Like Krunker io

Here is a list of the best seven games like krunker browser based game:

Vertix Online is a 2d shoot-em-up game created by Krunker’s lead developer, Sidney de Vries which is why it is similar to Krunker. It boasts the inspiration for many popular classes found in their later releases like vertigo or crossfire among others – featuring prototypes that would eventually become some of our favorite types! The developers of Krunker worked on this game taking inspiration from Hence, this is one of the top games like Krunker io! is a fun and exciting game that has the same features as Karnage, Krunker, or any other similar games with an email address required for registration but it also includes some unique twists like increased rewards when playing in teams of up to four people on each side who work together against another team trying to compete for overtime periods around 10 minutes! 

Vertix Online has up to 10 classes that you can choose from: Triggerman, Detective, Hunter, Run N Gun, Spray N Pray, Vince, Rocketeer, Duck, Nademan, and Arsonist.

games like Krunker io-Vertix Online
Vertix Online

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The name of Sidney’s 2nd game was Karnage who is the developer of Krunker. It was first released on January 14th, 2017. Developed as an improvement on, Karnage is a 3D browser-based game shooter that consists of 6 classes: Triggerman; Vince – Heavy Weapons Specialist with high damage but low accuracy rate and slow fire speed (Grind); Hunter- Lightweight class having medium firepower and movement speed along with great accuracy while firing from long range), Franklin – Assault Class equipped for close-quarters combat using SMG’s or Pistols, Spray N Pray who use rifles to do significant damage at short ranges and Mr. Ops., which can be considered the jack o’lantern bot since it fires everything in tandem! is also another game that is made by the original team hence the two are somewhat similar. It is a marvelous game with amazing features that is why it is one of the best games like Krunker io. is an online multiplayer shooter that holds the most similarity to Krunker because it is an FPS shooter. In this game you fight against two other real players in a battle arena and try to dominate the map by capturing all of its territories with glowing green spots. You have to do this before time runs out or being eliminated yourself! There are a total of four characters or classes to choose from Lilium, Shin, Echo, and Kulu. The default character is Lilium, and the rest are unlocked when you log in.

The game has several weapons for both offensive (Shotgun) as well defensive purposes: scar, shield, etc., but there’s one key element that makes each round interesting – switching guns between deaths so no match gets boring ever again. The developers of are also the ones who made Mini Royale 2 and RoboFight. In the list of games like Krunker io, has a special place. has a lot of elements that are present in the Krunker game, from guns, to map styles, map modes, and movement. is the best game like Krunker because both share tons of similarities. Both are first person shooting games and both have domination maps.

MiniRoyale 2

Mini Royale is a game where you are dropped into the action by parachute and must find resources. You can stay within your own circle, but be aware that other players might want to do so as well! Mini royale games have been around for years now- it’s one of those genres people either love or hate. Mini royale 2 has the core graphics and some elements from Krunker.

Mini royales are all the rage these days, as they were recently featured on Bloomberg TV. The game rakes in more than $3 million per day with its addictive and fast-paced gameplay for smartphones that will leave you hooked until the next round starts up again. Although, the differences are great between the two games but there are also similarities that make MiniRoyale 2 one of the games like Krunker io.

Mini Royale to is a game like Krunker with key difference being that it is a battleground game whereas Krunker has other game modes except battleground.

MiniRoyale 2
MiniRoyale 2

Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a superb game and everyone must try it! The game is super recommended due to its fun gameplay. Although it might be one of the least similar games on this list but it is one the most fun and enjoyable games like Krunker io. Shell is a 3D multiplayer egg-based shooter. In the game, you fight against other online gun-toting eggs with an arsenal of weapons including drones, shotguns, and even spatulas!

The best part? You can fully customize your own character by choosing colors for their outfit or adding stamps that showcase what kind of monster they are: from fast-moving Crackshots who prefer close combat over long bouts; RPEGG’s (Rapidly Exploding Eggs) high damage dealers but low accuracy runners – it IS possible to find one just right for any situation. With tons of customization and 21 different maps to play from, Shell Shockers is the least similar game to here, but it is one of the most enjoyable ones.

The most fun game like Krunker is Shell Shockers. The whole theme of the game is extremely funny which gets players hooked. Not that the game solely relies on this but it also has a fair bit of weapons and mechanics that one can enjoy.

Shell Shockers
Shell Shockers

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Combat Online

The game is a follow-up to the original hit Combat Reloaded, with new features that will make it more engaging than before. These include action-packed battles and better graphics! The fast-paced, first-person multiplayer shooter game is back with an updated look and feel. The original hit title has been followed up in style by this new release called Combat 5 or mostly Combat Online. This game is sure to have you hooked from start! 

It offers all the same action-packed battles as its predecessor but features some interesting improvements. The features include being able to customize your character using many different skills sets available for each class or race according to not only what they prefer fighting against but also how skilled those enemies are that get into their line of sight. Moreover, you can make custom rooms and custom maps.

Combat Online
Combat Online

The multiplayer shooting game is a creative and exciting way to experience the thrill of battle online with real players while exploring an expansive open world that includes weapons & vehicles galore! is a new take on the .io genre. However, the core elements of games like Krunker io are present in this game. The constantly moving character means you can maneuver as well as shoot simultaneously. You don’t just run around being shot at like in most games where your movements are limited by non-static characters who stand still on one spot. 

Where everyone is waiting for someone else’s turn before they move again, which takes up too much time making it difficult when there are only seconds left until the round ends. It means gamers need quick decision-making skills if they want to get any hope of winning against their opponents. The only downside of this game is that there is only one server, and is in the USA. There are a total of ten primary guns and seven secondary guns. The game also has some skins if you want to add style. is a sensational shooting game, in which players compete against one another on the internet. The game has become an instant hit and so people are eager to find games similar to Krunker io out there for them to play too! That’s why we have made this list of our favorite online games like Krunker io that millions of players are already enjoying right now. What is your favorite game like Krunker? Let us know in the comments below!

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