How to Download YouTube Videos in the 3 Best Ways of all time!

how to download youtube videos

We all watch YouTube videos, and there are some that we want to download. However, the official YouTube video download option lets you download the video that you can view offline for some time. After that period passes, the video will be deleted. Moreover, the YouTube video will not even be available to view in your gallery. So the question arises of how to download YouTube videos for free and permanently. Luckily we have the best solution for you to download YouTube videos in three simple steps.

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How to download YouTube videos on PC and Mobile

Here is the answer of how to download YouTube videos in three simple steps:

  1. Find the YouTube video you want to download and click on the Share button.
  2. Copy the link.
  3. Past the link on YTMP Video Converter and download the video!

Voila! Your YouTube video will be downloaded. Remember to select the MP4 for video. To download the audio of the YouTube video only, you can select the MP3 option. The downloaded videos from YTMP are available in your Gallery.

Pros of using YTMP:

  • Free
  • Fast download
  • Permanent downloads
  • Option to download MP3 and MP4 videos
  • Works on PC and mobile devices


  • One ad shows up when you download the file

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How to download YouTube videos using YouTube’s official download option for mobile

Another way to download YouTube videos is using its official app. Here is how to download YouTube videos using the official app on mobile:

  1. Open YouTube application.
  2. Find the video you want to download.
  3. Press the Download option!

That’s it! The YouTube video will be downloaded, and now you can view it by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Library section of the YouTube mobile app.
  2. Select Downloads.

Note: YouTube requires you to sign-up before using their offline viewer or download option for videos.

Pros of using YouTube’s official download option:

  • Official application
  • No ads when downloading


  • YouTube offline video option is available in selected countries and in some countries, specific videos will not be available to download. Here is the YouTube offline video allowed country list.
  • Videos will get deleted automatically after some time
  • Only works on mobile
  • Requires you to sign in
YouTube Offline Video Viewer

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How to download YouTube videos using Desktop Application for PC and Mobile

4K Video Downloader is one of the best applications to download HD videos using links. One of the supported platforms is YouTube which means 4K Video Downloader can download YouTube videos! Here is how to download videos from YouTube by 4K Video Downloader:

  1. Download the 4K Video Downloader and install it for your device (PC or Android).
  2. Find the YouTube video you want to download and click on the Share button.
  3. Copy the link.
  4. Launch 4K Video Downloader and click on the Paste button.
  5. Select the file format and video quality and then press OK.

4k Video Downloader has tons of options that make it a lucrative choice for many. You can download videos in bulk or one by one at a time. Moreover, you can choose the video quality!

Pros of 4k Video Downloader:

  • You can download 30 videos in a day
  • A fast and light application
  • Bulk download option
  • Choose file format (MP4 or MKV)
  • Choose video quality
  • Works on mobile and PC

Cons of 4k Video Downloader:

  • Limit to download videos in a day. For more downloads in a day, it requires a subscription.
  • Requires you to download a third-party application.
4K Video Downloader

Are Downloading YouTube videos Illegal?

Some YouTube videos are legal to download, and some are YouTube videos are illegal to download. Here are the three types of YouTube videos you can download:

  • Public domain
  • Creative Commons
  • Copyleft

Public Domain means when the copyright has expired, been forfeited, waived, or was inapplicable from the start, the work becomes public domain. Because no one owns the video, members of the public are free to duplicate and distribute it.

The Creative Commons license applies to works in which the creator retains copyright but grants the public freedom to duplicate and distribute the work.

Copyleft gives anybody the freedom to reproduce, distribute, and alter the work, as long as derivative content is given the same rights. 

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That’s all you need to know readers! Now you know the three different ways to download YouTube videos on every device. Let us know in the comments which YouTube video you will download and if there are any questions.

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