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How to Find Rigid Pelt in Potion Permit: A Complete Guide

Having trouble finding Rigid Pelt in Potion Permit? Hold up a minute! This comprehensive guide will teach you all you need to know to successfully locate and get Rigid Pelt in Potion Permit. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started, you’ll be able to get Rigid Pelt swiftly and simply by following our tips and tricks. Put on your game faces because the action is about to start!

How & Where to Get Rigid Pelt

Those that play Potion Permit and want the most durable armour possible may go to any lengths to get Rigid Pelt. Defeating the Pangol monster in the second section of Meadow Range will get you this item. The thick, robust skin of this monster makes it very difficult to kill.

potion permit pangol monster location

A Pangol monster looks like an Armadillo. You can defeat the Pangol monster using a hammer. After a taking a certain amount of hits the Pangol monster will get knocked over on the ground showing its soft spot. You can keep on using the hammer to hit it or you could use a sharp weapon to inflict more damage now.

When you get your hands on some Rigid Pelt, you’ll have access to a terrific material for making armour out of, thanks to its incredible durability. This material is greatly sought after by gamers who want to construct formidable armour due to its excellent resistance to slicing. The Rigid Pelt is a must-have for every Potion Permit user, whether you’re an old pro or just getting started.

You’d be very mistaken if you believed obtaining this would be easy. Defeating the Pangol monster will need careful planning, expert execution, and warrior-grade equipment.

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